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Wing Young Huie 2012 Salon Photo Show

What do photography, wine and ping-pong have in common? Last Saturday, Oct 13th, they all converged at the opening of the 4th annual Wing Young Hiue Salon Photo Show.

Wing is a photographer in the Twin Cities who hosts a monthly photography salon.

Wing documents “the dizzying socioeconomic and cultural realities of American society, much of it centered on the urban cores of his home state of Minnesota. He creates up-to-the-minute societal mirrors of who we are, seeking to reveal not only what is hidden, but also what is plainly visible and seldom noticed.” His work can be seen

There are approximately 30+ members of the Salon from varying photographic backgrounds. For the last 4 Years the salon has held an annual show of the member’s works. This year 19 members showed their images, all relating to their participation in the salon. The opening was well attended and after wards a ping-pong table was brought out and table tennis madness ensued till late at night.

The entire show can be seen online at

I showed two images from my current on-going project of urban landscapes or cityscapes. These two images are good examples of a very different approach to photographing than I have been doing for years. It requires that I work with less equipment and carry my camera almost everywhere I go. I don’t chase the light like a lot of landscape photographers do. I mostly stumble upon a scene where the light is dramatic.

My favorite time to shoot is in the evening when the sun is low in the sky or at dusk. Sometimes the light is strong and dramatic which highlights the intensity of a location. It can give drama to a place that most people would walk by and not think about twice. Other times the play of light is so unusual that it seems un-natural. I often look for places where the light bounces off one building to the other which create a menagerie of cris-crossing light.

The sidewalk image is a good example of my stumbling. It’s the type of opportunity I find suddenly and I have to decide to stop and capture the image.

The Pedal Pub photo is a real departure for me because my preferred way of working is to take some time before tripping the shutter in order to try and capture the pathos of the moment. I was experimenting with the program setting on my camera so that I did not have to think about exposure and could concentrate on the fleeting moment. It was a steamy hot evening in June on Nicollet Mall. The setting sunlight was bouncing off of all the glass buildings creating cris-cross light and shadow. I was scanning the place for any opportunity when the Pedal Pub rolled by. The moment happened so fast I barely remember taking the picture.

One thought on “Wing Young Huie 2012 Salon Photo Show

  1. The opening was a huge success and an opportunity to showcase fine art and build community in a vibrant part of south Minneapolis. Many of the photography pieces had an urban vibe that ranged from upbeat to more stark view. What a great show! Kudos to all the photographers.

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