Street Shooting

Unexpected Encounters on a Typical Evening

Two girls and a mule one evening on Silver Spring, Whitefish Bay Wisconsin
@Tom Corcoran 2013

While walking on Silver Spring Drive in my hometown of Milwaukee, Whitefish Bay, to be exact, I saw what I thought to be very large dog. What really puzzled me was someone was riding on it. Also there seemed to be a long, horse-like tail. Now, I have seen dogs big enough to carry a child but this scene had a different scale to it. I walked faster and found two young women walking a mule.

They told me that it was to be used at their church for Palm Sunday and that it came from one of the girl’s grandfather’s farm. I assume they were taking the creature for much needed fresh air and relief like so many dog walkers. Only this walk had an added effect for anyone who encountered the group, like me.

Take-away from this? It was a cold day and I decided to take a walk with my camera. I could have chosen to be warm and stay home. If did I would not have seen a mule on Silver Spring Dr. Whenever you decide to take a walk I recommend that you bring a camera. You never know.

For the sake of decorum and privacy, I did not get the names of the young women. I hope they will see this post and contact me for a copy of the photo.

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