Shadows in My House

Everyday, as the sun lowers at the end of the day, shadows stretch into my house and move around for two or three hours. Since getting an iPad I have been able to be more spontaneous in capturing these furtive light shows. Between the iPad camera and Instagram there have been a lot of great opportunities to capture and share. It seems a lot of my social media followers like these a lot.


When I use the iPad for these images I feel like it’s a lot like the gesture drawings I did in my life drawing classes in college. They are fast, spontaneous and move along very quickly. They are not final works of art. They are quick studies that inform formal works later.


Sharing over social media has created some interesting interactions. I had a brief throw down of dueling shadow images with one of my Facebook friends. Something fun that combined photography and social sharing.


2 thoughts on “Shadows in My House

    1. Thank you, Renee. The low light from Fall to Spring creates such great opportunities for compelling images of the most mundane subjects. Even an ordinary corner can become magical and mysterious.

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