7th Street Minneapolis Cityscape 1984

7th Street from 1st Ave to Hennepin Ave
7th Street from 1st Ave to Hennepin Ave

As I have mentioned before on this blog, between 1983 and 1986 I had a studio in downtown Minneapolis. I was a stone’s throw from the night club First Avenue. From my window I could see the intersection of 7th street and 1st Ave. I also got great light in my studio from the reflective buildings as the sun would set. It was pretty dramatic sometimes.

This is a view looking South-Eastward down 7th street to Hennepin Ave. –  into the heart of downtown.

On this side of the street there was a liquor store, a Japanese restaurant, the Schubert theater, some other restaurants and an abandoned movie theater. Shinders was on the other end of the block.

The source of most of the light that bounced back into my studio can be seen in the IDS tower.

 About this Image

At the time I had a Nikon F3. This was on Plus-X and I metered for the bright spot of the IDS to get a dramatic shadowy effect.



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