5 Day Black & White Challenge – Day 1


Day 1 – Stained Glass Window

I have been challenged by my good friend and dance photographer Ellen Crane to a Facebook 5 day B&W challenge. I am going to take the next 5 days and post images from when I started taking pictures (age 12) and progress through my career to the present. Five images will not scratch the surface of my long involvement with silver halides and pixels so I picked a few that have meaning to me. I hope you like them.

Day one – A stained-glass window at St Monica’s Church in Milwaukee Wisconsin. I went to school at St Monica’s from first through eighth grade. I was introduced to photography in sixth grade. In sixth grade we had elective activities in the afternoon. One of the choices was photography taught by our science teacher Sr Frances. I started with a Kodak Instamatic, went to making pinhole cameras and then bought a 35mm Mamiya Sekor 500DTL. I have always been fascinated by stained glass. I took this morbid little image in 7th grade. After all these years it is still one of my favorite images that I have taken.

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