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This blog is dedicated to showcasing my photography, either as art or as chronicles from my life.  At times I will discuss issues related to photography and art.


Subject Privacy

I have photographed so many people before the internet became a part of everyday life and before social media tore down many of the walls of privacy and access. I want everyone I photographed back then to know I do not plan to post anything without doing reasonable due diligence to contact you and get permission if I think you may not want the image(s) to be public. This will not always be possible. Some work was done with the intention that I would use the images as art or as portfolio samples. I will assume that is still the case and may choose to publish these images without seeking prior contact with the subject.

If our shoot was meant to be private, I will keep it that way.

All of my images are copyrighted and no one but me has permission to use or reproduce them without my written permission and appropriate compensation.

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