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Stephanie – Another Great Shoot

My Friend and My Muse


My second studio in Minneapolis was in the same building as a hair salon called La Boucherie. My friend, muse and favorite model Stephanie worked there in guest services. The salon was a great resource for me and it helped a lot that Stephanie worked there.

There were two weekly publications in the Twin Cities back then and La Boucherie wanted to place an ad for the salon in one of them. Stephanie had the idea of doing a shoot with me for the ad. I don’t remember having any formal ideas or even a layout. We just did what we always did. I know we wanted a close-up hair shot.

Steph came into the studio sporting a wonderful short cut. I had never seen her with such short hair. It really inspired me.

For this shot I used the natural light from the windows in that studio and a reflector. I used 35mm Tri-x film.


Control Current

Early Ad work

This image was made early in my photo career and as a business owner. A lot of people I knew were starting businesses at the same time and often we would help each other by lending our skills to build our businesses. Sometimes I would do something for no fee if the result seemed worth it.

Mike Olson is a composer who was one of these new start-ups in the creative industry. He came to me with a great idea and something few people have: access to an unusual place to shoot. In this case a power plant on the Mississippi River in St. Paul. It was a simple shoot to execute but access to the location made the resulting image so compelling. It’s worth pointing out that this photo was done before photoshop was around. Because of the type of lighting I used it seems like it could have been composited using a computer. It was entirely done on location and in camera.

This was Mike’s first effort as art director.┬áThis photo was used on a poster for one of his performances.

Samples of Mikes music can be found at: