My First Shoot With Stephnie


I consider this portrait to be a personal best.

Cheryl Nick is one of the best make up artists I knew then and to this day. One day she brought to my studio an extraordinary young woman who had beauty and drive.

Stephanie did Marilyn Monroe impersonations and was a very popular model.

All three of us worked together quite a bit until Cheryl moved to LA. After that, Stephanie and I continued to work together doing Hollywood-style portraits and some fashion.

The file of negatives I have of Stephanie is the thickest of anyone I have photographed.

For this portrait I used a 1K focusable spot on her face and a 500 watt spot on the background. To create the shadows on her face and in the background I used a combination of strips of foamboard and a plant I had in the studio.


3 thoughts on “Stephanie

    1. This will be fun for both of us. I have so many images and a lot of my family and friends have never seen this work. I am excited!

  1. Tom-
    SO Beautiful, and timeless….
    I’d forgotten about all the Wonderful images we had collaborated on…this forum will bring back all the Great memories!
    Thank you.

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