Everyone Likes Cloud Photos

Orange billowing clouds

They are coming back. Those dramatic clouds of Spring and Summer. The ones before and after torrential weather. The ones that billow around the edges of storms.

Clouds have been a popular subject matter for as long as artists painted and since photography began. Social media has also given cloud photos a viral platform. I follow Clouds 365 Project on Facebook.

Clouds as a subject caught my interest from the time when I bought my first 35mm SLR. Sunsets, moon-lit clouds, stormy clouds were the first obvious attractions. But they were always the background to something else in my images. Rarely a subject by themselves.

It wasn’t till I bought my first digital camera that I started to look at cloud formations alone as a subject. I started to see the formations as a form of landscape photography – with no land.

Photoshop was available to me long before I got my first digital camera but now the combination of the two tools opened new doors for creativity and ability to work with cloud images.

The great thing about photographing clouds is you don’t have to travel anywhere exotic to find interesting opportunities. Anyone can photograph clouds from their back yard.

About this Image

This formation happened where I live and was on the periphery of a storm happening North of my location. The sun was setting and hit the atmosphere and clouds with a brilliant orange. This image required very little photoshop work.


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