Portrait of Zimmi



In 2004 I went to Stockholm, Sweden  for a very short trip. A friend of mine, Mercies May, concocted a way to get me there on the cheap for a weekend. I left on Thanksgiving evening and was there till the following Monday.

I met Zimmi during my short trip through Mercies. Both of these guys were/are performers but Mercies was working with Zimmi (or Simon as Mercies liked to call him) to help him with his career. My contribution was to take some urban images of Zimmi that he could use for promotion.

As I recall, Zimmi had lost his entire family and had to flee Uganda when he was very young. He came to Stockholm and was taken in by an aunt. Uganda is a multi-lingual country. Zimmi could speak his native Ugandan language, Swedish and English very well. In fact everyone I met in Sweden, immigrant or not, could speak multiple languages could speak beautiful English.


About the Images

Mercies found a really cool looking futuristic subway tunnel which offered some very good reflections, The lighting was challenging so I had to shoot with a tripod and at a high ISO.

Zimmi - B&W
Zimmi Tunnel
Zimmi _ vert



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